Old Players, New Business Models?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Everyone is talking about digitalisation and its impact on business (regardless of the industry). But it seems that, in our region (CEE), we are approaching this topic with too much restraint (some might even say conservatively) and without a strong vision. Digitalisation significantly affects the efficiency and speed of business processes, cost optimisation, improvement of planning and control processes and more.

We are successfully learning this lesson through Industry 4.0 projects, where smart software tools automatically run smart factories and actively help with enhancing business optimisation. But this is only one side. On the other hand, the digitalised environment creates a situation in which new players (start-ups) are established within extremely short time frames (hey, it has never been so affordable and easy) with completely new business models that then greatly transform entire industries. Can ‘old players’ also successfully adapt and (co)create new business models?

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