Interview about SLO-RUS bilateral relations and opportunities

In interview for Russian NGO PICREADI I talk about SLO-RUS bilateral relations, economic cooperation and (missed) opportunities. And much more…

I can point out at least 2 faces of Russia in terms of business: Russia’s soviet style, which is driven by administration, and the other style, which is liberal and more open to global contacts. The first one is more formal, partners have to follow strict procedures and rules, the role of the government is very important. But once a good relationship is established and common understanding of a problem is reached, it becomes easier to work. The second style is applied more by private business: it’s open and more pro western, without strict rules, the role of the government and officials is not so much important and thus it’s easier and faster to connect. And what is interesting for me is that how these 2 faces of Russian economy will develop in future.

Russia and Slovenia have common roots and Slavic history, so it was never hard to start discussions with our Russian counterparts. The majority of Russians from different levels knows about Slovenia, about our good cultural cooperation and Slovenian blue chips like Krka and Gorenje companies. Those Russians that I had an opportunity to talk to were very open and friendly toward Slovenia but in current times it’s not enough to do business, to build a strong relationship, it has to be much more. But in terms of starting point Slovenia has a very good position in Russia.

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